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Idée cadeau pour ceux qui lisent
December 23, 2022
Gift idea for those who read

Having trouble choosing a gift for a man or woman who loves to read? So, we offer 10 gift ideas...

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À quel âge et pourquoi la presbytie apparaît-elle ?
December 23, 2022
At what age and why does presbyopia appear?

You find it difficult to read simple or complex texts and you need to move the text away to see...

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Quel est l’impact du tabac sur la vision?
December 22, 2022
What is the impact of tobacco on vision?

Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, you have already heard that tobacco can have a negative influence on...

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La différence entre la presbytie et la myopie
May 30, 2022
The different vision disorders: Presbyopia and Myopia.

It is very common to have visual disturbances in daily life. Vision disorders can be varied and can affect all...

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Comment choisir ses lunettes selon la forme de visage
March 05, 2022
How to choose glasses according to face shape

Many people ask themselves the question, “How do you choose reading glasses that fit your face?” Know that fashions change,...

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Comment choisir sa dioptrie pour les lunettes de lecture ?
October 08, 2021
How to choose your diopter for reading glasses?

After 40 years, deciphering the fine print often becomes difficult. Obtaining reading glasses online seems to be a simple and attractive...

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