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Comment choisir ses lunettes selon la forme de visage

How to choose glasses according to face shape


Many people ask themselves the question, “How do you choose reading glasses that fit your face?” Know that fashions change, but the shape of the glasses remains the same whatever the era or the trend.

Glasses have become fashion accessories that reveal your personality and character. Choose the right pair of glasses that will suit your face shape. Avoiding wearing a frame that won't fit you, just because a shape of glasses is trendy doesn't mean you have to choose it. Follow this blog to learn more about the importance of eyewear quality and comfort while matching style, to enhance your personality and face shape.

When do you need reading glasses?

From the moment you have presbyopia problems, it is important to think about ordering magnifying glasses, these will allow you to increase your field of vision in a few dimensions. Magnifying glasses guarantee you visual comfort at work and at rest. Are you looking for glasses that will go perfectly with the shape of your face?

Reading glasses trends by year

At the beginning of their creations in the Middle Ages, reading glasses were completely different from what we have today. They were reading stones that were passed over the texts in order to make the letters bigger and thus allow reading. It was not until the 18th century that the first framed reading glasses were created. If at the beginning of their creations, reading glasses had only one goal, to improve the field of vision and to allow visible reading, the ideals have changed a lot since then. From the 20s to the 30s, glasses became fashion accessories and were not only used to improve the field of vision but also to dress up a look or complete an outfit.

Over the years, reading glasses trends have changed a lot, from Aviators in the 50s, to very colorful plastic frames in the 80s, to very pierced reading glasses. fine in the 90s.

Which glasses for which face?

There are mainly 4 face shapes: To choose the shape of magnifying reading glasses that suits you best, you must already know the shape of your face. There are several face shapes: round, oval, square, triangular. Below are the types of frames that will best match your face shape.

Which glasses for the square face?

quelle lunettes pour un visage carré

If you are looking for glasses for a square face, it is advisable to opt for glasses with rounded shapes. The butterfly reading glasses or so-called “cat eyes”, round, oval or Pantos will be ideal for your angular face. These models of glasses harmonize the features of your face and thus bring softness to your look.

Which glasses for the oval face?

Quelles lunettes pour le visage ovale

If you want glasses for oval faces, know that almost any shape of glasses can suit you. You don't have to follow any particular shape, just be careful not to choose frames that are too thin as they tend to elongate your face shape.

Which glasses for the round face?

Quelles lunettes pour le visage rond

Unlike a square face, glasses for a round face must have an angular or slightly rounded frame that will give the face more contour and refine it. A square frame can also structure and give more character to the lines of the face that are too rounded .

Which glasses for the triangular face?

Quelles lunettes pour le visage triangulaire

Glasses for inverted triangular faces must have a thin frame, a round or oval shape and a light color. High eyeglass frames that stop at the level of the cheekbones, with rounded angles, balance the face and soften the features.

The reading glasses collection by VueNette

Vuenette has created a collection of women's reading glasses and men's reading glasses in different shapes and colors inspired by fashion codes for all types of styles and faces. Affirm your style, be yourself with light, comfortable and trendy reading glasses.


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